About Us

We know nothing makes a person feel better than when they're properly groomed. At Styles New York, our hair stylist professionals are ready to meet all your hair care needs. Watch people marvel at your precision cut, swoon at your gorgeous hair color or play detective as they try to determine if you're wearing hair extensions. Our clients range from infamous Hollywood celebrities to your every day 9-5 worker, and we pride ourselves on treating each customer like royalty. We guarantee you'll leave our salon with enviable hair.
Styles New York has ten beautiful bombe chests as stations with large mirrors and has a very warm atmosphere. The five hanging chandeliers give the salon an elegant look. When clients sit at each station, they feel as if they are at home in front of their dressing table getting ready for a night out. The salon offers such amenities as high-end services that can be individually tailored to every client. We also offer complimentary WiFi capabilities.
Mission: Each stylist is very talented and creative. If you are looking for amazing hair, then Styles New York is the salon for you. Our team of talented hair professionals will bring your hair to where you want it to be and we want to inspire and guide you on your daily hair maintenance goals.